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Find unbeatable local Honda lease deals, including no money (zero) down and the best short-term car leases. Our monthly lease specials & discounts often are not published.

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Find the Best Honda Lease Deals in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Are you searching for a Honda lease deal in NYC? eAutoLease is a fully insured, licensed, and accredited company with exclusive access to marked-down Honda leasing inventory. We work directly with multiple financial institutions and dealerships to offer the most lucrative deals with zero down, no hidden fees, or extra costs. controls all price, additional package, and mileage negotiations to guarantee the best overall leasing experience. We handle our business with honesty and trust, allowing you to find the ideal car and secure the necessary financing.
The most trusted leasing company, rated as the most reliable dealer by CARS.COM, provides the best Honda deals at unbeatable prices in New York with flexible lease lengths and same-day delivery.

Some of the Honda Leasing Discounts, Offers, and Rebates Include:

  • $2,500 – Manufacturer Discount
  • $3,500 – Financial rebate
  • $2,000 – Bonus rebate, Dealer Bonus Cash
  • $1,000 – Loyalty discount for owners of the vehicle of the same make
  • $1,000 – Conquest cash incentive for owners and lessees of competing vehicles
  • $500 – College graduate discount. Must have graduated from an accredited college or university within the past two years.
  • $500 – Military discount. Active, Veteran, or Retired U.S. Military
  • $500 – Corporate rebate offer

*Note: Exclusive Honda lease specials are not mentioned. If you live in New York City or New Jersey, we may offer additional discounts for your new car.

Save 10-15% OFF Honda Car Leasing

Do you want to save even more? Take advantage of a DEMO leasing program available in New York and New Jersey. Demos are new cars that have been driven by dealership personnel or customers. These cars can have hundreds to a few thousand miles on them. If you want to lower your lease payments and don’t mind driving a car with a few miles on it, a DEMO leasing program is an excellent option.

Honda FAQ

How Much Is It to Lease a Honda?

2022 Honda Civic is currently available for $319 per month with a $0 down payment. You can also consider leasing a 2022 Honda CR-V EX-L for $390 a month with a $1,000 down payment. Leasing a 2022 Honda HR-V LX will cost $254 a month with the same $1,000 to start. The leasing cost can vary depending on inventory, seasonal specials, manufacturer deals, and other factors. Please contact us to learn more about’s discount programs.

Can You Extend a Honda Lease?

If you want to keep your leased car a little longer, or you’re just waiting for a new Honda model to come in, consider extending your current lease. You can extend your lease for a maximum of one year.

Does Honda Offer a High Mileage Lease?

The Honda lease has a mileage range of 7,500 to 10,000 miles per year. A mileage penalty is assessed for additional mileage when you turn in your lease at the end of the term.

What Credit Score Do You Need to Lease a Honda?

The minimum credit score required for leasing most Honda cars is 620.

Can You Negotiate a Honda Lease Buyout?

You certainly can! eAutoLease offers two types of end of lease negotiations – an early lease buyout and a lease-end buyout. Talk to our leasing experts for more information on the buyout process.

What Is a Honda Lease Guard?

When you turn in your leased vehicle, Honda Lease Guard eliminates the most common excess wear and tear charges. Honda Lease Guard covers minor damage and repairs, so you can drive with peace of mind knowing that potential wear and tear costs are waived at your lease turn-in.

What Is the Honda Lease Trust?

Honda Lease Trust offers lease contracts and leases. Honda Lease Trust is an affiliate program of Honda.

Can You Lease a Honda with No Money Down?

Unlike other car leasing companies who require mandatory down payments, requires no down payment for identical vehicles. What is the catch? To lease with no money down, it’s essential to have a good credit score. Your minimal “subprime score” should be 620, but 680 is considered ideal.

Is It Possible to Lease a Honda with Bad Credit?

Most car leasing companies require a credit score of 620-680. Though having a good credit score will be a big plus for you, you can still lease a vehicle with bad credit at eAutoLease. Furthermore, car leasing is beneficial for people with bad credit. Unlike financing a new car, leasing will result in lower monthly payments. It will also help you build your credit history and improve your credit score.

Can You Terminate a Honda Lease Early?

If you want to terminate your lease early, you can trade in your vehicle and find someone willing to take over the lease. But you can also choose other options. Call us for more detailed information. We would be happy to help.

Can You Sell Your Leased Honda?

If you wish to sell your Honda, you can buy it out at the end of your lease. You can do so by obtaining a payout quote online. Then contact us to notify us that you would like to buy out your Honda. Pay off the full amount, including taxes and fees, and transfer the title to your name. You’ll be able to sell your Honda at that point.

Financing Options

Our eAutolease specialists will not only provide the best deal at an unbeatable price but can also help you with financing. Our team can assist you in getting an outstanding loan with a low interest rate to keep your monthly payments low. This way, we will allow you to afford a better vehicle than you may have expected.

A Brief History of Honda

Honda Soichiro, an engineer, created the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu in October 1946 to develop small, efficient internal combustion engines.
Honda Motor Company was founded in 1948 and began producing motorcycles in 1949. The Honda C-100, a small-engine motorcycle, was first released in 1953. By 1959, it had become the world’s best-selling motorbike. In 1959, the company also established a subsidiary in the United States, the American Honda Motor Company, which began producing motorcycles in 1979 and automobiles in 1982.
Though Honda is a world leader in motorcycle production, vehicles, which the company began producing in 1963, account for most of the business’s annual sales. The famous Civic and Accord models are among its lightweight, fuel-efficient cars.
Farm machinery and small engines are two of the company’s other major product lines. Honda is a major Japanese exporter to the United States and other countries. It also has assembly plants in several other countries and has joint ventures and technology licensing agreements with various foreign companies.

Why Choose Honda?

Honda is a pioneer in technological advancements, innovation, and intuition. The brand is known for producing durable vehicles with eye-catching designs, competitive mileage, intelligent features, and a commitment to a cleaner planet. Honda’s diverse lineup includes everything from fast sports cars to roomy minivans, so you should have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Help with Leasing a Honda

eAutoLease leasing experts are more than happy to provide more detailed information. They’ll help you lease the car of your dreams, secure financing that works for you, and have it delivered to your home or business.
We look forward to helping you with all of your car leasing needs.

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