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Transferring Your Car Lease | Swap Lease

Getting out of a lease or Swap Lease in Brooklyn NYC can be a difficult process for many people, especially when they want to exit the lease early. In many cases you can terminate the lease early, but there may be fees involved with that. Another option, which most people don’t consider, is a lease transfer.

Car Lease Transfer

This is a process where you transfer the remainder of the lease to another party, who will then take over the payments and responsibility for the lease. There is typically a fee from the original leasing company, but it is quite small compared to how much you can save by getting out of the lease early or getting into a lease that has already begun.


Currently we offer exceptional auto lease deals including 2 year leasing options in New York on the toyota lease deals as well as the following models:
2017 Toyota Camry, 2017 Lexus is300, 2017 Lexus es350, 2017 Mercedes c300, 2017 Mercedes cls550, 2017 BMW 3 series
For some models we are not able to show the price, it’s that low. You can call or chat with us for a quick quote.

We are a best and most reliable leasing company in New York. has an exclusive access to marked down leasing inventory & limited auto lease discounts offered by corporations and unions. Unbeatable prices on luxury cars lease deals. We are accredited by New York Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau (BBB)?


Save Money by Trading a Car Lease

Here at we have helped many people to perform a lease transfer right here in New York, and we would be more than happy to help you too. Since we work with so many people throughout the entire region, we can often help you to transfer your lease much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. In many cases, we can even help by taking over the lease so you can get out of it and into a lease that is more in line with your needs.

Lease Transfers for Current Lease Holders

If you are currently in a lease that you’re not happy with, please give us a call at 718-871-CARS (2277). We may have customers who are looking for a great vehicle just like yours, but who don’t want to get into a full lease. We can help you to transfer the lease to the other party so that you are no longer responsible for it. Almost every leasing contracts allows this type of transfer. We can help you to discover exactly what needs to be done, and even take care of all the paperwork for you.

Lease Transfers for those Wanting a New Vehicle

If you are looking to get a great vehicle, but don’t want a full term car lease, we have a great solution for you. We can help you to find another party who has the vehicle you want on lease, and allow you to take it over for them. You’ll then be responsible for the remaining monthly payments and keeping the vehicle under the mileage limits while you drive it. You are essentially getting into a great lease without any significant upfront payments or longer term contracts. This is an excellent way to enjoy high quality, late model vehicles at a lower cost than even normal leasing can provide.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about lease transfers or you would like to look into being involved with one, please give us a call. We are experts in this area and can help you to get the exact vehicle you want, or get out of a current lease, without any trouble. We can be reached by dialing 718-871-CARS (2277). We look forward to helping you soon!

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