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Find unbeatable local Mitsubishi lease deals, including no money (zero) down and the best short-term car leases. Our monthly lease specials & discounts often are not published.

Exclusive offers and rebates in NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island)

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Find the Best Mitsubishi Lease Deals in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a Mitsubishi lease deal in NYC? Turn to eAutoLease, the most reliable leasing company in the area. We work directly with dealerships and different financial institutions to find the most lucrative 0 down deals with no hidden fees or extra costs.

We negotiate the price, additional packages, even higher mileage, ensuring you’ll lease at a lower price without any hassle and wasted time. has exclusive access to marked-down Mitsubishi leasing inventory, so expect unbeatable prices even on rare and exotic models.

With over 20 years of experience and a 5-star rating from CARS.COM, our New York leasing company provides the best Mitsubishi deals with flexible lease lengths and same-day delivery.

Some of the Mitsubishi Leasing Discounts, Offers, and Rebates Include:

  • $2,500 – Manufacturer Discount
  • $3,500 – Financial rebate
  • $2,000 – Bonus rebate, Dealer Bonus Cash
  • $1,000 – Loyalty discount for owners of the vehicle of the same make
  • $1,000 – Conquest cash incentive for owners and lessees of competing vehicles
  • $500 – College graduate discount. Must have graduated from an accredited college or university within the past two years.
  • $500 – Military discount. Active, Veteran, or Retired U.S. Military
  • $500 – Corporate rebate offer

*Note: Exclusive Mitsubishi lease deals and special offers are not published. People who live in New York City or New Jersey сan get additional discounts on their new cars.

Save 10-15% OFF Mitsubishi Leasing

Do you want to save even more? Inquire about the Mitsubishi DEMO leasing program, available in New York and New Jersey. Demos are new cars that have been used by dealership personnel or used for test-driving by customers. Such cars can have hundreds to a few thousand miles on them. It’s a great lease option for people who want to lower their lease payments and don’t mind owning a car with a few miles on it.

Mitsubishi FAQ

How Much Is It to Lease a Mitsubishi?

The most affordable model is currently a 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ES available for $287 a month with a $1,000 down payment. You can also consider leasing a 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL for $330 a month with the same down payment. Besides, with a $1,000 down payment, you can now lease a 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander SE for only $396 a month. Leasing costs can be affected by available inventory, seasonal specials, manufacturer deals, and other factors. To learn about current discount programs, offers, and special rebates, give us a call.

Is It Better to Buy or Lease a New Mitsubishi?

One of the main reasons people lease cars is the low monthly payments. A significant factor in a lease payment is a projected high residual value. Mitsubishi usually doesn’t have the highest residual value, and it can be challenging to get low lease payments without it. For many customers, the idea of leasing becomes less attractive if the monthly payment is high. But eAutoLease offers discounts and various lease specials to make your monthly payments lower. Hence, you can lease the desired Mitsubishi car without breaking your budget.

Is It Possible to Lease a Mitsubishi With Bad Credit?

While the minimum credit score required to lease most vehicles is usually 680-700, at eAutoLease, you can lease a car even if you have bad credit. Car leasing is beneficial for those with bad credit since it results in lower monthly payments than buying a new car.

Can You Lease a Mitsubishi Without a Down Payment?

Yes. You can lease a car with little or no down payment. However, your monthly lease payments may be slightly higher because you do not make a prepayment for some of the lease obligations.

Can You Buy Your Mitsubishi at the End of the Lease?

Yes, you can refinance your lease and eventually own the car. The car’s residual value determines the final refinance amount. The residual value is the vehicle’s estimated value at the end of the lease period. For example, if you lease a $50,000 vehicle with a 20% depreciation in the first year, the residual value at the end of a one-year lease would be $40,000.

Is Mitsubishi Better Than Honda?

When it comes to variety, Honda comes out on top because it provides a large selection of vehicles. Mitsubishi, on the other hand, puts quality over quantity and is not only less expensive but also has one of the best warranties.

Financing Options

We can also help you arrange the necessary financing. Our leasing experts can help you get an outstanding loan with a low-interest rate to keep your monthly payments low. As a result, you will be able to afford a better car than you might have expected. Lower monthly payments can allow you to drive beautiful Mitsubishi cars without breaking the budget.

A Brief History of Mitsubishi

In 1917, the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. introduced the Mitsubishi Model A, Japan’s first series-production automobile. This entirely hand-built seven-seater sedan based on the Fiat Tipo 3 was too expensive compared to its mass-produced American and European rivals and was canceled in 1921. Mitsubishi Shipbuilding merged with Mitsubishi Aircraft Co. in 1934 to produce aircraft engines and other parts.

The unified company was known as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), the largest private company in Japan. MHI concentrated on manufacturing aircraft, ships, railroad cars, and machinery. It developed the PX33, a military prototype sedan that was the first Japanese-built passenger car with full-time four-wheel drive, in 1937. Today, Mitsubishi produces safe, reliable, fast, and high-quality vehicles that are loved worldwide.

Why Choose Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, or simply Mitsubishi, is Japan’s fourth-largest car company. It manufactures and markets passenger cars and light commercial trucks in both domestic and international markets. Although cars have become an integral part of modern life, manufacturers are improving their safety and environmental compatibility without compromising any benefits or convenience.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation develops various technologies to improve the safety and environmental friendliness of its products. So when you lease Mitsubishi, you get a safe, comfortable, stylish, and high-quality vehicle.

Help with leasing a Mitsubishi

Our leasing experts strive to provide the smoothest possible leasing experience. They will help you fill out the credit application, get the financing, choose a car, and have it delivered to your home or business. Leasing through eAutolease is the quickest, most enjoyable, and affordable way to lease a new vehicle, so please reach out to us today.

We look forward to helping you lease the car you’ve always dreamed of.

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