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Exit Your Lease

Are you looking to get out of your car lease quick and easy? No problem. eAutoLease.com can help you exit your lease early — with little to no termination fees — as painlessly as possible. Like many people in New York and New Jersey, you may look for an early lease exit for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Dissatisfaction. You may have become unhappy with your ride. Maybe you’ve decided you want something smaller or larger. Maybe you want something more luxurious or more sporty. Whatever the reason, you’ve grown dissatisfied over time. It happens.
  • High payments. Life or other factors intervened — and now you’ve discovered that you can’t comfortably make the monthly lease payments anymore.
  • Growth. People outgrow their vehicles. For example, you leased a small car and then got married or had a baby. You realize you need something bigger now and can’t wait for the end of the lease to change your vehicle.
  • Upgrade. If you follow the auto technology trends, you may have leased a new car last year, but this year’s model has a technological innovation that you have to have.

Great Deals

eAutoLease.com offers the best lease deals in NY, NJ, CT and PA. You don’t have to wait until the end of the lease to make a change. When you exit your existing lease early, you can sign up and ride in something that better fits your lifestyle.

Learn more: How does a car lease work.

The best-rated online lease dealership, eAutoLease.com offers the best deals in the Tri-State area. You can choose from a wide array of vehicles from nearly every auto manufacturer.

Avoid Lease Exit Penalties

eAutoLease.com can help you exit your lease, especially if you want to upgrade to a new model. The best way to avoid early lease exit penalties is to turn in your vehicle as close as possible to the termination date. Provided your car is still in the same condition as when you purchased it, you can save money by bringing it back early and getting into a car lease that’s a better fit for you.

In the event that you do need an early lease exit, the possible fees may include some or all of the following:

  • Early termination fee
  • Remaining payments on your lease
  • Transportation and/or storage fees
  • Cost of preparing the vehicle for another lease

You also may be hit with repair fees if any damage is deemed beyond normal wear and tear. Avoid those costs with wear and tear protection, which you can get through eAutoLease.com when you start your lease.

Buy, Then Sell

You can avoid some fees for an early lease exit by buying the car outright. In other words, you can purchase the vehicle from eAutoLease.com by paying off the remainder of your lease term and deducting that from the balance of the value of the vehicle, and then paying the balance.

For example, if your buyout or payoff is $10,000 but the market value is higher, you can buy the car. Then, you’re then free to resell it and potentially make a profit off the sale.

For more information on early lease termination, call an Automotive Expert at 718-871-CARS (2277). If you are a current customer and would like to exit your current lease early, visit the website and fill out the lease termination form. Also, consider a lease transfer.

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