Wear & Tear

Wear & Tear Protection

After leasing a new car for two or three years, there’s going to be some normal wear and tear. The disconnect occurs when establishing the baseline for what’s normal. In New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, the team at eAutoLease.com isn’t going to nickel and dime you. They want to keep your business and get a great referral from you.

But stuff happens, ad your vehicle may get a ding here and there. To avoid common damage repair fees at the end of your lease or during your use of the vehicle, eAutoLease.com offers a simple, inexpensive way to cover those often-unavoidable problems. Get wear and tear coverage to pay for anything considered an excessive repair.

Common Issues

Some of the most common excessive wear and tear damages happen when you’re not even looking. These can include:

  • Dents, dings, scrapes and scratches
  • Upholstery tears, burns or stains
  • Front and rear bumper scuffs
  • Wheel and tire damage
  • Burned out or broken lights
  • Pitting, chips and cracks on the windshield


Under the hood, a range of excessive damage charges could be assessed at the end of the lease and can range from muffler, shock absorber or tail pipe damage to loose belts, worn brake pads and even minor engine problems.


Take the Worry Out of Leasing

Choose from a variety of ProAuto Wear and Tear plans to cover excessive wear and tear. A plan can save you from unexpected expenses at the end of your lease. Typical coverage plans include:

  • Protection up to $5,000
  • Good for 24 to 72 months, with various option in between
  • Available for new and pre-owned vehicles with fewer than 20,000 miles
  • Fully transferrable if someone takes over your lease
  • Ability to transfer your policy from your old to your new lease
  • Termination approved at the end of your lease


And filing a claim is as easy as leasing your vehicle. The great customer service you’ve become accustomed to doesn’t stop once you have the car. The team at eAutoLease.com considers your convenience and satisfaction a top priority. Call 866-994-7063 with a claim to talk to a friendly representative.

Simply provide the waiver number you received when you purchased the coverage, along with a description of the damage you wish to claim. Your claim then is processed efficiently and professionally — with the goal of saving you time and resources while you continue to enjoy your vehicle.

Termination Is Easy

When lease termination time nears, check your vehicle for excessive wear and tear. Start inspecting your vehicle about 90 days before you’re ready to turn in the car. File any claims on repairs and get them taken care of prior to your turn-in date. As part of the satisfaction guarantee you get from eAutoLease.com, your car is picked up for you when you terminate the lease.

Lease termination occurs either when you’re ready for a new vehicle or your current contract expires. The terms are clearly spelled out in your contract, so there should be no surprises. You can choose to:

  • Run the car until the end of your lease
  • Decide to purchase the vehicle when the lease expires
  • Terminate the lease early


The dedicated, experienced team at eAutoLease.com helps you avoid extra fees. Your ProAuto Wear and Tear protection plays a key role in preventing these extra termination charges. Find out more by calling 718-871-CARS (2277).


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