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Excludes: first month, aquisition fee, new/transfer plates and local tax. *Lease pricing reflects on standard models only
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Exclusive access to marked-down car leasing inventory & Limited Discounts offered by corporations & unions. No money (zero) down car lease specials. Our Price Match Guarantee* ensures we match or beat any auto lease price. eAutoLease is accredited by the New York Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Cryptocurrency Car Leasing eAutoLease is preparing to accept cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin, as payment for auto leasing transactions (personal or business). While eAutoLease doesn't take crypto forms of payment, they perform due diligence to make it happen. Read more

Instant Cash for your Trade In or Used car. Same day pickup. We pay more. Sell your car today. Call Us! (any condition, all years, makes or models)

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Leasing a Car in 1 Day

Customers in New York Metropolitan Area can now enjoy fast and affordable car leasing options. Leasing a car fast track allows you to apply for an auto lease approval online and have a car delivered the same day. Based in Brooklyn, NY, eAutoLease leasing dealers provide same-day deliveries to New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island).

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2022 Dealer of the Year - Leasing Company New York 2022 Consumer Satisfaction Award - Leasing Company New York

Welcome to the future of auto leasing. We are a nationally recognized best rated leasing company in Brooklyn, NYC. Shop here for your next best car lease vehicle. Here, you can choose the car or truck, get the financing you need and have the vehicle delivered to your door. This is the 21st century, after all, so why not lease a vehicle like you do just about every other task — from your screen, at your convenience. Fortunately for you — if you live in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut — you’ve found the most experienced, most affordable and most accessible online leasing site in the nation.

$0DOWN LEASE ON ALL MAKES/MODELS!Excludes: first month, aquisition fee, new/transfer plates and local tax.*Lease pricing applies to standard models
  • Lowest Auto Lease Prices in US
  • Wide Range of Options
  • Buy, Sell & Insure Your Car
Leasing through eAutolease will be the best deal on your next car lease. We outperform any local New York based leasing company. Why go to the dealer if you can shop for any make or model from the comfort of your home? Here is the list of reasons why lease with us:
  • All makes/models: Nationwide access to all the makes and models including exclusive, rare and exotic cars.
  • Reliable & dependable: We are the most reliable & dependable car lease company in NYC.
  • Insured: We are fully insured, licensed and accredited.
  • Experienced: For over 20 years we have been recognized as a leader in car leasing market.
  • Transparency: No hidden fees, extra costs or unexpected surprises, backed up by thousands satisfied customers.
  • Trust: We conduct our business with honesty and trust.
  • Cheapest deals: We beat competitor’s auto lease quote from any reputable companies.
  • Price match: Our prices for car leasing are impossible to match.
  • Monthly deals & specials: Monthly deals and specials are often not published due to the low rates.
  • Negotiations: We negotiate the price, additional packages, even higher mileage for you, directly with manufacturers, offering you lower rate.
  • Reviews: 5 star rated company by trusted, independent and respectful companies such us DealerRater, CARS, Google, Yelp, etc.
  • Approval rates: National auto leasing approval rates are around 70%. eAutoLease is proud to be in 90% range.
  • DEMO CARS: We are among a few leasing companies in New York offering demo cars.
  • Business lease: Significant discounts for bulk business leases.
  • Fast and affordable: Apply for an auto lease approval online and have a car delivered the same day.
  • Short term leases: We offer short term car lease deals for customers with a good credit history.
  • FREE delivery: We deliver your new car right to your doors for free.
  • Flexibility & Convenience: We search across US to find the car based on your personal preference.
The top 10 reasons
customers choose
  1. Over 85 years of combined experience
  2. Over 900 Accreditable 5 star reviews
  3. One-stop-shop for all makes and models
  4. Available around the clock for all customers
  5. Guaranteed honest & hassle free transactions
  6. We schedule service appointments & loaner cars
  7. Best protection plans to keep your car brand new
  8. We take in any trade-ins regardless of make & model
  9. Committed to provide top notch customer service
  10. We follow up all the customers throughout the lease

In addition to all these superior Car Lease Deals, your choices are so vast that you won’t even have to consider looking elsewhere. You can find everything — from a truck or minivan to crossovers, convertibles and compacts — in nearly every style, size and price range you can imagine. Prefer a certain brand? You aren’t limited by exclusivity.

Your options don’t stop with the make or model of your vehicle! Because of the experience and relationships you now enjoy, you also have a wide range of financing options at your disposal.

Various terms and interest rates also are available:
  • Choose from two- or three-year leases, or pick up a few months at a time on unexpired leases.
  • Poor credit? There’s a finance option for you too.
  • Buy-out potential is available after your lease expires.
  • Consultants help you choose the best options for your individual circumstances.
  • Early lease exits often are possible.
Whether you have a simple question or need a lengthy explanation of your options, experienced no-pressure representatives are on hand to help seven days a week to:
  • Get a trade-in appraisal in a jiffy before you finalize your lease agreement
  • Sell your car outright even if you don’t lease from
  • Buy a used car in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Staten Island, and even in Florida and other U.S. destinations, which are being added regularly
In addition to the experience and no-pressure sales process, you also can participate in: If you’re ready to lease a new car, or you just have some questions about the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to call us. We can be reached by dialing 718-871-CARS (2277). One of our auto experts will be more than happy to take your call, answer your questions and help you to find the perfect vehicle for your specific situation. We look forward to serving you soon.
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Custom Options at Lowest Interest Rate

Highly trained sales professionals will help you with leasing a car based on your specific needs, requirements and lifestyle. Our automotive specialists are knowledgeable and experienced with all the makes/models as well as in variety of packages and add-on options. Here at eAutolease, leading lease car dealer located in Brooklyn, NY we offer the lowest possible interest rate via indirect financing option that is arranged by our car dealership. We work with multiple financial institutions on your behave to arrange the financing for you.

Car Lease Process

The process of leasing a car is very simple. Once you’ve completed an online application, selected your vehicle, we start working with you on gathering quotes for cars with different options. Upon agreement we complete the transaction and arrange a complementary delivery directly to your home or office.

Latest signature auto leasing deals and drive car lease specials happening now at We offer a free same day delivery to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan. Please call us to find out if this signature auto leasing option applies to your location.

When you lease a car from eAutoLease we guarantee absolute satisfaction and a quick turn around. Leasing a car made easy with the same day delivery service. We encourage you to speak with our automotive leasing experts to get the best lease deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have “First Time Buyer” Programs?

It might be extremely difficult to lease a car from BMW or Mercedes Benz if you are a first time buyer. However, eAutoLease works closely with the banks to facilitate the approval process.

Can I Lease a Car with No Money Down?

Yes, we offer “no money down” and “sign and drive” lease options. Many customers get confused between both lease options. No money down or $0 means that you are still responsible for paying taxes and initial fees. Sign and drive literally means not a dollar at signing. eAutoLease is fully transparent and we will explain the whole process as well as all the fees due at signing.

How eAutoLease Is Able to Offer Such a Low Lease Rates?

A competitive advantage of our auto leasing company is the lowest prices in the area. Since we don’t have an excess amount of an overhead, and prosess many car leases monthly, we can keep our prices low while still running a sound business. Check our prices and compare them with the prices of other companies that leasing cars. We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how low our prices are.

What Types of Vehicles Do You Lease?

We have virtually every make and model vehicle in stock and ready to go. Everything from Audi and BMW to GMC and Honda, and even Lexus and more. To put it simply, in the vast majority of cases we have every type of vehicle you would desire. If you aren’t sure, just give us a call and we’ll let you know about the specific option you had in mind right away.

How Does Your Lease Delivery Work?

When you’ve chosen the vehicle you want, and have finished all the online paperwork, we will deliver the vehicle directly to you. For your convenience, we can deliver it to your home, office or anywhere else. Once you sign the final paperwork, the car is yours.

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Note About Leasing Scams

What Is an Auto Lease Fraud?

Most consumers don’t understand all the ins and outs of leasing a car. Currently, more and more scams occur because car shoppers do not know how the leasing process actually works. Dealers and leasing companies will often ruin a consumer’s credit and harass a consumer with aggressive debt collection for lease-end penalties for excess mileage and vehicle condition.

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off While Leasing a Car?

The best way to avoid getting ripped off while leasing an auto is to work with the reputable car leasing company such as eAutoLease. If you work with our company, there is no need to worry about scams or fraud. With thousands of satisfied customers, we are the most trusted auto leasing company around. We stand behind every offer or promotion listed or provided by our sales representative.

What Are the Most Common Examples of Car Leasing Scams?

Many smaller companies that offer cars for lease are trying to make a profit by not disclosing all of the information. It's critical to avoid filling any leasing applications, writing checks, or completing any transaction without first meeting the leasing dealler.

The most common examples of the fraud while leasing a car are:

  • Price mismatch on the final documents
  • Lying about the lease interest rate
  • Factoring Add-Ons into the lease
  • Increasing length of the lease
  • Not honoring the promised lease deals
  • Not returning the down payment
  • Increasing the interest rate during the lease term
  • Not disclosing mileage or condition penalties
  • Not disclosing negative equity in trade-in vehicle
  • Pushing an extended warranties for leased cars including maintenance contracts and paint & rust protection
  • Capitalized cost different from the price negotiated for the car lease
  • Not including the down payment in the lease contract
  • Lying about termination penalty fee
  • Changing terms of the lease right before you sign the documents
  • Charging double tax if you lease a car and then buy it

If you are a victim of car leasing fraud, we strongly encourage you to call us. eAutoLease will do everything possible to help you.

How to Find a Leasing Company You Can Trust?

Your best bet would be to work with the most trusted and reputable leasing company on the market. Make sure the company you want to lease a car from is accredited by the New York Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. If you want to avoid frauds and scams, you can also look for an auto leasing company that is ranked high on a number of reliable directories. Google, Yelp, Facebook and Dealerrater can assist you in that.