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Chevrolet, pronounced, “shev-ruh-lay” and referred to as just Chevy, is a division of the American car brand General Motors (GM). Chevrolet vehicles are made worldwide and are known to be one of America’s favorite cars. Chevy makes some of the most reliable and safe cars to lease. They are built to be durable and provide drivers with incredible safety features.

Chevrolet Lease

Chevrolet has a number of well-known car models and you can purchase your favorite model in the form of a lease at You can choose a car such as an Impala or Malibu; perhaps you might prefer an SUV or Crossover such as the Suburban or Traverse. If you prefer a hybrid vehicle, there’s always the Volt. We have a range of vehicles to choose from. You also have the liberty of looking at other car models as we prefer to give an open ended option as a vehicle is a long term purchase.
If you are having a dilemma on which model to choose or any other query or doubt in your mind, feel free to contact us on 718-871-CARS (2277) for an expert insight before you make your decision.

Save money with

While it is common knowledge that a lease is more expensive than buying the vehicle outright; we look to provide value for money by aiming to be the cheapest alternate payment option in comparison to other leasing services or acquiring a loan. We achieve this by maintaining low overheads and focusing on providing a low price.
With our extensive experience in obtaining a suitable lease, you will get the perfect Chevrolet lease deal on your requirements even if your financial status (such as your credit score) is not fully sound.

Delivery right to your doorstep

As a thank you for choosing to lease your Chevrolet with us, we will take away the hassle of driving to a car showroom and driving your vehicle by delivering the car right to your location for no additional cost!

Lease a New Chevrolet

A Chevrolet is a great reliable, comfortable, and powerful car to lease. We offer the lowest leasing rates for all our customers. We can afford to do this because we keep out overhead low, saving you money. You can search through all our vehicles on our extensive online inventory.

Once you’ve picked out your Chevy model and features you will work with one of our friendly and knowledgable leasing professionals to get you the best financing for your needs. Whenever you need us just give us a call at 718-871-CARS (2277) and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Who Owns Chevrolet?

Chevrolet is owned by GM. GM also owns Buick, Cadillac, and GMC. GM bought Chevrolet on May 2, 1918. The founder of Chevrolet offered GM 5 shares of Chevy stock for every one of GM. GM stock was very expensive and Chevrolet stock had a high market interest so this was a profitable deal for both sides.

Where is Chevrolet Made?

Chevrolet has a large inventory of vehicles made worldwide. Chevrolet Suburbans and Tahoes are made in Arlington, Texas. The Aveo hatchbacks and sedans are made in Columbia and South Korea. The Corvette convertibles and coupes are built in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The popular Chevy Equinox is made in Canada and Kansas. The same Kansas plant also makes the Malibu.

Chevy also has production plants in Ohio, Michigan, Lousiana, Missouri, and plants outside of the U.S. in Mexico.

What is Chevy’s History?

Chevrolet was founded in 1911 by race car driving Louis Chevrolet and GM owner William Durant. Together, they developed their first car, the Series C “Classic Six”, a 6-cylinder engine car. In 1913, Louis Chevrolet leaves the brand allowing Durant to continue producing cars under his name. In 1915, Chevy came out with The Chevy Model 490, which was put in direct competition with Ford’s Model T.

In 1918, Chevy introduces its new truck and becomes part of GM. In 1924, Chevrolet first began producing cars outside the U.S. in Denmark. In 1927, Chevrolet outsells Ford for the first time selling over 1 million vehicles. In 1929, Chevrolet came out with the Six “at the price of a 4” because it was a 6-cylinder sold at the price its competitors sold 4-cylinders

In 1935 Chevy came out with the Suburban, which is the most popular SUV today. The innovations continue when in 1950, Chevy becomes the first automobile maker to offer an automatic transmission with the Chevy Powerglide. Three years later Chevy debuted the Corvette with the industry’s first fiberglass body.

In 1959, Chevy made the first and only American car boasting a rear-mounted, air-cooled, six-cylinder engine, the El Camino. In 1988 Chevy redesigned their pickup trucks to have a longer extended cab. In 1992, the millionth Corvette is built.

What Does the Chevrolet Logo Stand For?

Chevrolet’s first logo prototype was the company name written in a bold fun script, but designers thought it would be too difficult to read so it was never used. In 1914, they came up with a version of the current bowtie logo. It was originally black with the word “Chevrolet” written on the inside.

No one really knows where the bowtie logo came from. Some say it originated when owner Durant saw it on the wallpaper in a French hotel room. Durant’s daughter, however, remembers her father designing the logo on a napkin at dinner one night. His wife remembers it a little differently and says Durant thought of the design when he was reading a newspaper on vacation.

The Chevy logo is strikingly similar to an old Coalettes logo that used the same shape. It is likely Durant saw this logo when he was reading the newspaper because Coalettes ads were popular around that time.

What Are Some Chevrolet Key Features?

Chevrolet offers drivers premium features to ensure your safety and comfort while your drive. With Bluetooth pairing, you can listen to music and take calls hands-free. The infotainment system displays your navigation, texts, calls, and more on a color screen so you can stay connected. There’s also no more need for messy cables lying around your car with wireless charging.

If you share your vehicle with other drivers in your family- programmable memory seats save you time and hassle. Never struggle to find the perfect seat position again, your new Chevy will remember it for you. Dual climate control allows you and your passengers to control your own environment temperature.

New 2020 Chevy models are also packed with safety features to get you where you need to go and out of harm’s way. With Forward Collision Alert, your car will let you know when you are approaching too close to something. Lane Keep Assist lets you know when you are veering out of your lane and Lane Change Alert lets you know if there is another car in your blind spot.

The new Silverado has Adaptive Cruise Control Cameras, which works similar to a backup camera but also slows down your truck based on approaching obstacles. In the case of an accident, the new Silverado received a 4 out of 5 on the crash test rating and has passed all the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety tests.

Is Chevy Reliable?

Based on a 2018 dependability study, Chevrolet was more reliable than Honda, Toyota, and Ford. In 2020 Chevy received a 3.5 out of 5 on the reliability scale. The repair costs are slightly above average at $649. A Chevy needs repairs on an average of 0.3 times a year with 15% of repairs being considered serious.

Does Chevrolet Make Hybrids?

Chevy had a growing line-up of hybrid cars. The Chevy Volt allows drivers to make short trips using the fully-electric motor and longer drives using fuel. If your battery dies, the Volt gets an impressive combined 41 MPG.

The stylish and comfortable Chevy Spark has a lithium-ion battery allowing you to drive gas-free and still go 0 to 60 in 7.2 seconds. The new Spark doesn’t compromise on performance while still being good for the environment and your wallet. The Spark starts at $25,999. Call one of our sales associated to find our current lease deals for the Chevy Spark or any other model.

The Chevy Malibu now comes in a hybrid. The Malibu Hybrid gets 48 city MPG and 37 highway MPG. It’s also packed with safety features like lane assist, rear cross-traffic alert, and more. New Malibu Hybrids also offer WiFi so you can stay connected, even on the road.

The Chevy Bolt is an all-electric vehicle that doesn’t use a drop of gas. The Volt can go 259 miles on a single charge and has 200 horsepower. It has an incredibly stylish body, has plenty of space inside while maintaining a compact frame, and has all the safety features you may want.

What Are the Current Chevrolet Models?

Chevrolet offers some of the most iconic and reliable vehicles on the road today. Current Chevrolet models include:

  • Blazer
  • Bolt Ev
  • Camaro
  • Colorado
  • Corvette
  • Cruze
  • Equinox
  • Express
  • Impala
  • Malibu
  • Silverado 1500
  • Silverado 2500
  • Silverado 3500
  • Silverado 4500
  • Silverado 5500
  • Silverado 6500
  • Silverado MD
  • Sonic
  • Spark
  • Suburban
  • Tahoe
  • Traverse
  • Trax
  • Volt

If you have any questions about leasing any Chevy model please do not hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Contact Us For Your Chevy Lease

At eAutoLease, we are committed to providing our customers with the easiest and most affordable leasing experience. We can help you find the best vehicle for your needs, answer any questions, set up a test drive, and help you with financing. When you choose the car you want to lease, we will deliver it to your home or office at your convenience. If you would like to lease a Chevrolet or any other make please give us a call today at 718-871-CARS.

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