Wheel & Tire Protection

Wheel and Tire Protection

Some road hazards in New York City and surrounding areas are impossible to avoid. A pothole or a nail in the road can lead to disastrous results for your tires and wheels. Even though it’s not your fault, you can end up with costly repairs that keeps you off the road. Even worse, any damage to your leased vehicle can cost you at the end of your auto lease.

If you live in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut, eAutoLease.com can help you avoid those costly repairs — and even the inconvenience of being stuck. With their unparalleled tire and wheel protection program, you’re covered in the event that your tires or wheels get damaged. But you have to sign up for this program, which offers services to keep you on the go when your vehicle is down.

Program Highlights

Going above and beyond what you expect is how eAutoLease.com handles its business. For proof, check out the praise and all the five-star ratings bestowed on the company. Exceptional customer service defines eAutoLease.com, and the wheel and tire protection program is just one more example.

A simple flat tire can ruin your whole day. With wheel and tire protection, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the hassle of replacing a damaged tire or wheel. The program offers you more than just tire and wheel coverage. You also benefit from services such as:

  • Zero deductible
  • Emergency roadside assistance ($150 maximum per incident)
  • Three rate classes (refer to the eligibility list below)
  • 1–5-year terms available
  • Rental car benefit ($50 per day, maximum of four days)
  • Travel-related, trip interruption benefits (see contact for details)
  • Transferable from your old car to your new one (with administration fees)
  • Cancel at any time (with administration fees)
  • Connected owner vehicle intelligence (COVI) digitized paperwork



Vehicle Eligibility

Tire and wheel damage can happen no matter what vehicle you drive. The eAutoLease.com tire and wheel protection covers domestic and foreign, new and used vehicles. You get the level of coverage and protection you need, based on your make and model. None of the classes cover chrome or chrome-clad wheels, however. Vehicle eligibility is divided into three categories:


It doesn’t matter how carefully or how slowly you drive; accidents happen and tires wear out. Let eAutoLease.com keep you rolling down the road.

Be Prepared

The Automotive Experts at eAutoLease.com listen to your needs when you lease a car. Your budget is as much a concern as your other requirements, but if you’re prepared to pay for the wheel and tire protection program, you get:

  • Tire replacement. Your tires are replaced if damaged by eligible road hazards or debris — such as nails, pot holes, tree limbs or broken glass.
  • Wheel replacement. If your wheel can’t hold its seal, it may need to be replaced.
  • com commitment. Your coverage continues for the full length of your lease.


If you get a flat on your morning commute or discover a slow leak while on vacation, help is just a phone call away. Your tires face more wear and tear than any other vehicle part. Be prepared with extra protection. Contact eAutoLease.com today and find out how to protect your tires, wheels and peace of mind.

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