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Transferring Your Car Lease | Swap a Lease

As you know, leasing a car in New York City can be a great option — cheaper than buying and yet you still get the late-model car you want. Getting out of a lease can be a challenge, though. When you try to terminate the lease before it’s run its course, you often have to pay penalties such as:

  • The termination or kill fee
  • Costs associated with putting the vehicle up for sale
  • Storage and transportation costs
  • Any outstanding taxes from your lease
  • The difference between the lease amount and the value of the vehicle
  • In some cases, the remaining lease payments


Instead, consider a lease transfer. This process doesn’t break your existing lease; it transfers the vehicle — along with the lease payments and responsibilities — to another person who’s willing to accept the car and your lease terms. You may think the difficult part is finding someone interested in taking over your lease, but that’s where comes in.

Car Lease Transfer

This is a process where you transfer the remainder of the lease to another party, who will then take over the payments and responsibility for the lease. There is typically a fee from the original leasing company, but it is quite small compared to how much you can save by getting out of the lease early or getting into a lease that has already begun.


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Transferring Your Car Lease

Sometimes you just have to break up. If it’s time to dump your current car lease so you can upgrade or downsize, check with first about a lease transfer. When someone else takes over your lease, you’re free of the responsibility with no penalties. You pay a fee for this service, but it’s small compared to your savings.

If you’re not happy with your lease or with the vehicle you’ve leased, you don’t have to continue with it. Current lease holders in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut can use a lease transfer for a vehicle breakup. A vehicle lease transfer gives you several options:

  • Start a new lease with a different car that meets your current needs
  • Trade your current lease for another existing lease
  • Purchase the car you’ve been leasing


Advantages of Accepting an Existing Car Lease

Shopping for a car is the fun part. Once you’ve settled on a lease car make and model, don’t automatically think that buying the car is your best bet. When you lease, you can save money and not have to worry about anything beyond regular maintenance. But even if you don’t want to accept a full-term, three-year lease, taking over someone else’s lease has advantages:

  • com finds the make and model you want.
  • You can find a car that works for you and your budget.
  • You get a slightly used car that’s in perfect condition.
  • You accept the lease and the car with no long-term contract or big upfront cost.


You make the payments and have to abide by the lease’s conditions, such as keeping the vehicle under the mileage limits. But it’s the perfect way to get a top-quality car at a low cost with less hassle. Whether you need something more practical or more luxurious, you can find it through by picking up someone else’s lease.

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