Car Leasing Truths That Could Save You Money

car leasing truth that could save you moneyMany of you may believe that leasing a car will cost you more than buying, however, this is not true.
In fact over the years most of us have been brainwashed to think so, but when taking a closer look at all the benefits of auto leasing, you will find truths that could save you money. There are some main factors to consider firstly and understanding how car leasing works will help you to make the right choice.

Buying vs Leasing

Every day we are faced with choices which seem quite clear cut such as drinking coffee, tea or water, putting on a suit or jeans, wearing boots or sneakers, what to have for lunch and so on. Yet, these are all small in price when compare to buying a home or a vehicle and it is where most people seem to think that the choices become complicated. Buying versus leasing is most often hugely misunderstood as we are taught that buying a vehicle is better than leasing because you will one day own the vehicle and have no more payments. But is it truly the way it ends up to be?

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a good credit record?
  • Do you enjoy driving a new car every three or four years?
  • Do you drive less than 15 000 miles a year?

If your answer is yes to all, then leasing is perfect for you, if not, don’t worry, leasing may still be the option for you. Leasing is not the same as renting, in fact it is more like buying than most people may think.

Leasing is Financing
Leasing is basically financing a vehicle. The leasing company provides the finance and a vehicle is bought from a dealer for you. Your lease payment covers two fees, one is the depreciation or use and the other is the money factor or interest. Thus, you are then actually dealing with a finance company and not a dealer and you can negotiate price just as if you were applying to buy a vehicle.

Ask yourself this, if you buy a new vehicle now and pay it off say over five years, what costs will you have once it is yours? When it breaks, what will the cost be?

If you are leasing a vehicle on the other hand, you are able to drive a new vehicle every three to four years and you will usually have relatively low monthly payments.

Cheap Leasing Payments The Truth Revealed!

When buying a vehicle you are paying for three parts instead of two. As stated above, leasing payments are made up of the depiction and interest, whereas with buying includes equity as well and this causes the higher monthly payments.

Let’s look at an example:

  • Buy: If you want to buy a vehicle today that costs $35 000, you may be looking at a monthly payment of about $700. Along with this payment for the four years or so, you will also need to have money for fixing it when need be and if you one day decide to resell you will be lucky to get even half of your money back.
  • Lease: Leasing that same vehicle, you may be looking at monthly payments of about $500 and the plus side is you will not have any repair costs or hassles with selling, plus, you can drive a new car every three to four years.

How can this be? Well it is actually quite simple. When leasing a car worth $35 000, your payments are worked out on the difference of the vehicle’s worth. The leasing company takes a look at the vehicle’s worth in three to four years and what they can then sell it for. So, if the vehicle worth drops with say $18 000 to $20 000 and they can sell it after your contract term for $15 000, your payment is worked out on the $20 000 and not the full price as with buying.

Car Leasing Truths That Could Save You Money!

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when leasing a vehicle, so, let’s have a look at them.

Before signing a leasing agreement you must be 100% sure it is the vehicle you want as cancelling a lease could prove to be quite expensive.
Be sure to get a good quality Gap insurance above the insurance included in your contract.

It is not recommended to pay a Cap cost to reduce monthly payments as the car will never be yours, so, it is a waste of money. However, you can ask the leasing company if you could rather pay a security deposit if you want to.

When getting extra’s for comfort keep in mind that even these you are renting and paying extra for them might not be the best option.

You can adapt your vehicle of choice as your lifestyle changes, so, if you get married or have kids in three or four years, you can easily go from a sports car to a minivan.

  • You can drive a new vehicle every couple of years.
  • You will have little to no repair costs.
  • Your monthly payments are low and affordable.

Always read the fine print with any transaction as these are important.

There are some extra’s you could consider as an upgrade that actually improves the value and boosts the residual price. When leasing consider these if they are offered to you:

  • Leather Seats
  • Power-steering
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Navigation
  • Sun or Moon Roof


Why is leasing better for both parties?

  • Leasing for you implies a lower payment, no repairs and a new vehicle every couple of years.
  • Leasing suits your needs and your vehicle needs can be met as your lifestyle changes.
  • To the dealer or leasing company it provides them with exceptional used vehicles to re-sell.
  • Leased vehicles are usually treated better than owned vehicles.

Now is the time to lease and remember to jump into a new vehicle every 30 to 40 months or so. Always test drive a vehicle before signing and read the fine print.

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