Tips from 12 executives on becoming a better leader in 2020

Though it’s undeniably fulfilling to be at the helm of a company, steering a ship into the shining lights of success, leadership also comes with an incredible amount of pressure. Not only are you responsible for meeting key metrics but your team looks up to you for guidance, reassurance, advice, and perspective.

Your career growth and their trajectories are tied together, and often, executives share management is the most difficult part of their job. As we look ahead into the wild, wild west of the 2020s, there’s a decade full of opportunity to improve your soft skills. From listening more to being brave and vulnerable, here, trusted executives share their best advice on leadership:

Focus on being patient

“Not everything happens extremely fast in life. You have to understand that Rome was not built in one day. Big key in life is definitely to be patient and not to lose faith in what you are doing. You have to understand that life is a roller coaster. It goes up and down. So stay positive, be humble and always remember everything can be achieved but you must believe in time and patience.” —Zoriy Birenboym, president and CEO of eAutoLease.

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