Should I Lease or Buy a Car?

Lower payments, Short Terms, Tax benefits, Low or no cost maintenance

The need or want to get a new or used car arise and the question for many is will it be better to buy or lease a car they desire. With all the information that is available in this day and age, people find it difficult to decide.

should i lease or buy carSome people might have too many obligations at work or commitments with their family, and they don’t have the patience or time to go from dealership to dealership and negotiate for the best deal.

It is so much easier to go online and search for the car they want and find an installment that can fit into their budget in the comfort of their own home. There is also the option to buy or lease the vehicle and with this article, a client can look at the convenience and benefits of car leasing.

Why will it benefit a client to lease his/her dream car?

Many people might feel uncertain whether they need to buy or lease the car they want.

First of all, they have to consider certain factors, such as:

Do they want to own the car eventually after a certain period of time?

The amount of driving they do annually, for example, is it ten thousand, fifteen thousand or more every year.

Would it be nice to own a new vehicle after every three years?

This is the type of questions to consider before buying or leasing a car. Most of the time clients will choose to lease. With leasing, they can afford a car that is more expensive and most people prefer owning a new car every few years.

The following advantages of leasing a car should be looked at:

Lower payments

With the lease of a car, payments will be lower as when buying it because they only pay for the depreciation of the car during the leasing period.

Deficit/trade equity

Because the risk of depreciation that is minimized, they can avoid problems with trading in a car when buying a new one, or leasing another.

Tax benefits

It’s possible for people to receive some tax breaks if they use their car for business or are self-employed. A tax consultant can help to make the benefits clearer for those that need a better understanding of it.

Low or no cost maintenance

Most of the time the lease may expire before 50,000 miles has been done for individual drivers. Thus, it means that any repairs of the vehicle will still be under the period of factory warranty. The only expenses a client will have may fall under the usual things like rotation of tires, and oil change routines, etc.

Features and safety

With any car leasing contract, a client can drive his/her choice and model car they want. It means that they can choose out of the newest models, body style, better safety features and technologies they prefer.


Everyone knows that cars are not good investments because they depreciate in value when the mileage piles on and by getting older. If a client buys a car, by the time they finished paying for it, the car generally has little to no value anymore.

With leasing, all this can be changed. Depreciation of a car is most percentage wise in the first few years, and by the time the value drops the client’s lease expire and they can get another car.

Benefits of leasing

It’s a much more logical and affordable alternative to leasing a car instead of purchasing it. Yet, this decision will also depend on the client’s needs, trade cycle, credit situation and their driving lifestyle.

Some benefits to consider:

  • Advantages of limited tax
  • Depreciation protection
  • Terms of financing will be shorter
  • Required a small or no upfront payment
  • Smaller payments monthly, because payment is only for a portion of the car amount and not on the entire sum
  • Drive a car over a period that is shorter and cut down on the maintenance costs

With today’s technologies, it’s made so easy for people to choose the car they want right at home in comfort. They can take their time to decide what they want and from who, while at the same time discuss their financial budgets to make the right choice. Shopping online is less stressful and there is no salesman to push them into something they don’t need.

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