Everything you need to go on the safest road trip possible

Pack layers

In the morning, when you set out on your adventure, your temperature will likely be comfortable. As the sun reaches its highest point, you’ll start to sweat inside your car. And at night? Certain areas of the country experience a dramatic drop in degrees. That’s why car expert and CEO of eAutoLease.com Zoriy Birenboym recommends packing everything you need to stay comfortable, including clothing for different temperatures.

“You don’t want to be caught without the necessities and have to look for places in areas you’ve never been before,” he says. “Make sure this includes staying updated on what the weather will be in the areas you are traveling through. It may get cold at night even though it’s summer, so you may not think to pack a sweater or extra blankets, but if it’s 50 degrees you may wish you had.”

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