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Find unbeatable local Toyota lease deals, including no money (zero) down and the best short-term car leases. Our monthly lease specials & discounts often are not published.

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2021 Toyota Tacoma
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2021 Toyota Tundra
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2000+ Lifetime Reviews


Lease Your New Toyota Car Today

If you think car leasing is difficult and unprofitable, you have never tried to lease from eAutoLease! Our company has offered the best car leasing service in NY for over 20 years. eAutoLease is a fully insured, licensed, and accredited company that guarantees the transparency of all auto lease deals. We conduct our business honestly, so NO hidden fees or extra costs will surprise you during the leasing process.

At eAutoLease, we have nationwide access to all the makes and can suggest to you the best lease prices that beat competitors’ auto lease quotes. With our monthly deals and specials, you can save even more!

We offer the easiest way to lease a new car in the area. Just apply for an auto lease approval online, and you’re good to go. We will complete all the paperwork and deliver your new car on the same day for free. At eAutoLease, we guarantee our customers absolute satisfaction and the best leasing experience!

Have you already decided on your Toyota lease deal? Call us at 718-871-CARS (2277) to speak with a sales manager. We are here to help our customers get the best lease deal!

Some of the Toyota Lease Deals, Discount Programs, Offers, and Special Rebates

At eAutoLease, we offer the most attractive Toyota lease specials and financial deals on every car. Some of our best lease offers and discount programs include:

  • $2,500 – Manufacturer Discount
  • $3,500 – Financial rebate
  • $2,000 – Bonus rebate, Dealer Bonus Cash
  • $1,000 – Loyalty discount for owners of the vehicle of the same make
  • $1,000 – Conquest cash incentive for owners and lessees of competing vehicles
  • $500 – College graduate discount. Must have graduated from an accredited college or university within the past two years.
  • $500 – Military discount. Active, Veteran, or Retired U.S. Military
  • $500 – Corporate rebate offer

*Note: Some of the most convenient Toyota lease deals and special offers are not published. Offers and promos may differ depending on your location and car model. Call 718-871-CARS (2277) to get more information. If you live in New York City or New Jersey, we might offer additional discounts for your new car through Toyota financial services.

Save 10-15% OFF Toyota Car Leasing

Are you looking for an even better Toyota lease price? We can get it for you! With our DEMO leasing program, you can lease a new Toyota for the most affordable price.

eAutoLease is one of a few leasing companies in New York that offer DEMO cars. Demos are new cars that have been used by our dealership’s staff or as test-drive vehicles by interested clients. These cars often have average mileage while being offered for almost the same price as used ones. Leasing DEMO cars can help you lower the Toyota lease cost significantly.

Why choose Toyota?

Toyota is one of the most popular cars on American roads. People often choose these cars because of their reliability and durability. Toyota uses upscale materials, excellent manufacturing techniques, and well-trained technicians to produce their vehicles. Backed by great safety, the Toyota lease is one of the best options for you and your family.
Toyota offers a wide range of vehicles for any taste. Nobody beats Toyota when it comes to 4WD and AWD vehicles for your off-road adventures. Toyota vehicles come in different sizes and designs to suit every lifestyle.

Toyota lease to buy

Leasing to buy is a great option for you to buy the car you are leasing. After leasing a Toyota for several years, you may find it more cost-effective to buy a car you drive rather than lease one. This is a great option for you to save and drive your own car.

Toyota FAQ

How much does it cost to lease a Toyota?

At eAutolease, we have the best Toyota lease prices. The Toyota RAV4 lease is approximately $399 per month. A Toyota Highlander lease will cost you about $420 a month. Because of low rates, we don’t have all the prices published. Contact us at 718-871-CARS (2277) for more accurate Toyota lease payments.

How to extend my Toyota lease?

If your lease terms will end soon, but you want to keep your Toyota lease longer, call (718) 877- CARS and let us know that you want to extend your lease. Due to the COVID pandemic, we offer month-to-month lease extensions without extra charge. You can easily extend your Toyota lease terms and be charged your monthly lease payment with no extra fees!

Can a Toyota lease be transferred?

The short answer is yes. You can transfer your Toyota lease to someone else at any time. Transferring a leased car means you transfer the remainder of the lease to another person, who will then take over the payments and responsibility for the lease. The original leasing company usually charges for transferring, but the cost is quite small compared to how much you can save by getting out of the lease early.

Can a Toyota lease be turned in early?

You have several options if you want to end your lease before the term has expired. You can trade in your vehicle, find someone to take over your lease or choose the early buyout option. If none of these options are suitable for you, call us at (718) 877- CARS for more.

Is Toyota a reliable car?

Did you know that 80% of Toyotas sold in the last 20 years are still in use? Toyota reliability is legendary, which means you can lease this car with confidence. At the 2020 WhatCar reliability survey, Toyota took third place out of 31 brands with a 97.7% reliability score.

Can I lease Toyota with a bad credit score?

At eAutoLease, we can offer you the best cars and leasing prices even with a bad credit score. While national auto leasing approval rates are around 70%, we are proud to be in the 90% range.

Can I negotiate my Toyota lease?

eAutoLease works directly with car manufacturers. This means that we can negotiate the price to get the best lease deal for you!

How much does Toyota charge for extra miles?

Leases usually have a limitation on the mileage that can contribute to excess depreciation of the vehicle. The mileage allowance will be disclosed in a lease agreement. If this limit is exceeded, the company will charge for each mile exceeding the allowable mileage. The price is usually $0.15 per mile. However, if you understand you will be driving more at lease inception, you can buy additional mileage for $.10 per mile.

Can I lease a used Toyota?

Most leasing companies in the area don’t offer used car leasing, but at eAutoLease, we do. Using off-lease leasing, you can lease a less than four years old car and has less than 48,000 miles. We lease a thousand vehicles per month, therefore, have an extensive list of Toyota returns. Call us to find out if we have a used Toyota model you want to lease in stock.

Auto Financing

If you are ready to lease a Toyota, we can help you with financing so you can get the greatest Toyota lease deal for the best possible price. At eAutoLease, our financing team offers the most profitable leases at a low interest rate.

Working with eAutoLease gives you many benefits, like lower monthly payments, a wide range of vehicles in stock, profitable lease specials, and the support of highly-trained staff. At eAutoLease, we will help you drive a new Toyota without breaking your budget!

A Brief History of the Toyota Brand

In the early 1900s, a Kiichiro Toyoda family had built a successful weaving business in Japan. Inspired by visits to modern motor factories in the USA, Kiichiro Toyoda saw a great future in building cars. His father raised money by selling the patents to his automatic loom design to a British firm to help his son launch the business. The money was invested in the development of the first Toyota car, the AA saloon, in 1936.

The history of today’s global Toyota corporation has begun with government permission to set up a vehicle manufacturing business. After World War II, the company of Kiichiro Toyoda started getting more investments. This gives him the ability to get to a new level and explore the car market outside Japan.

After exploring the foreign market opportunities, Toyoda realized that success could be achieved by building cars locally in the markets where they would be sold. This principle holds until this day. Nowadays, Toyota has over 50 overseas manufacturing companies in 27 countries and regions worldwide.

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Just give us a call, and our highly trained sales professionals will help you lease a new Toyota. At eAutoLease, we are always happy to help find a perfect vehicle for you and your family. When you’re ready, call us, and we will deliver the car right to your home. Our goal is to make the leasing process as pleasant as possible.

Contact our leasing experts at 718-871-CARS (2277), and we’ll help you right away.

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