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Infiniti, pronounced “ihn-fi-nuh-tee”, is a Japanese affordable luxury car maker. Infiniti makes sedans, coupes, SUVs, and hybrids in their signature sleek and comfortable style. Infiniti is a luxury brand made by Nissan to compete with Toyota and Honda who were making their own luxury car lines. Infiniti offers its drivers comfort, safety, and luxury features at an affordable price making Infiniti cars some of the most popular cars to lease.

Leasing Options for a New Infiniti

When shopping around for a new lease you may feel like you are being overly restricted by many dealerships. Most of them only offer vehicles from one or two manufacturers, for example. Others don’t have enough of an inventory to ensure you are getting the right color or trim package on the car you want. Some don’t even offer to help secure the financing that you need to get the vehicle you desire. You don’t have to put up with all these problems, however, when you shop with
We offer our customers the option to shop with every auto manufacturer around, and choose from any trim package, color any other set of options that you could want. We also provide you with access to high quality financing and friendly assistance from our sales team to ensure you get the perfect vehicle at the right price and with the most convenient shopping experience you could imagine.

Endless Inventory

One of the best things about is that you can shop for any type of vehicle you want. If you’re looking for an Infiniti, for example, you will find that we have every model in their lineup. You can look at the Infiniti Q50 sedan, the Q70 sedan, the QX60 SUV or any of the other great vehicles from this luxury auto manufacturer. Even within each of the model types you can select the exact options you want to ensure you get everything you need to enjoy your vehicle for as long as the lease lasts.

Leasing Options

We don’t just offer you a variety of vehicles to choose from when you lease with us. We also offer you lots of options regarding the terms of your lease. This starts with getting you the perfect financing options so that you can keep your payments nice and low. We’ll also help you to choose the right lease length so that you can keep the vehicle as long as you need it, and then return it for a new model when you’re ready. We are also quite flexible on the mile limits and other factors within the lease so you can be confident that you are getting everything you need.

Vehicle Delivery

Another nice option is that you don’t have to drive around to pick up your new vehicle. Once you’ve gotten everything completed for your lease, we will deliver it right to you. We can bring it to your home, business or any other area that would be convenient for you. This can help to make it easier for you since you don’t have to arrange a ride down to a dealership to get your new car.

Who Owns Infiniti?

Nissan owns the Infiniti luxury brand. Nissan started making vehicles under the Infiniti brand in November 1989 for the American market. Infiniti is sold all over the United States with over 50 dealers all over the country.

Where is Infiniti Made?

Infiniti is made by the Japanese company Nissan. All Infiniti sedans are made in Japan. However, Infiniti SUVs are made around the world in Mexico, Japan, and the US. The Infiniti QX30, Infiniti’s smallest crossover, is made in Japan. The QX50, Infiniti’s newest car on the market, is made in Mexico. It is the first car with a Variable Compression Technology engine, delivering more power than other similar cars. The QX60 is made in the USA and offers 3-row seating and luxurious design. The QX80, Infiniti’s largest vehicle, is made in Japan. It has a truck platform, while still maintaining the signature Infiniti luxurious interior style.

What is Infiniti’s History?

Infiniti was introduced to the United States in 1989 with the Q45 and M30. This was around the same time Toyota introduced Lexus and Honda introduced Acura. The Q45 was originally designed with a shorter wheelbase. In 1992 the wheelbase was redesigned to the President’s wheelbase at 5mm longer. With a V8 engine, four-wheel steering, and active suspension, the Q45 was good competition for other luxury sedans like the BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes S-class.

Infiniti didn’t have a mid-luxury sedan to compete with the Acura Legend and the Lexus GS. They created the J30, which was unsuccessful due to its small interior, however, the G35 became incredibly popular.

In 1993, Infiniti sales were slowing down so they started a campaign that would feature zen-influenced spots without showing the cars themselves. Designers opted for a more monochromatic appearance rather than flashy accents. With the launch of the QX4 and the I30 sales skyrocketed.

In 2012, Infiniti announced its new method for naming cars. The Q line would be the name for all sedans and coupes, while the QX prefix would represent SUVs. The number would not indicate engine displacement, but rather where in the Infiniti hierarchy the car stands.

What Does Infiniti’s Logo Stand For?

Infiniti has a sleek and trendy logo design for their brand. According to Infiniti, their logo has a double meaning. It represents a road extending to the horizon, as well as Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, to stand for its Japanese origin. It also looks like a lowercase “i” which is meant to stand for the company name.

What Key Features Does Infiniti Offer?

The Infiniti Intelligent Key is probably Infiniti drivers’ favorite feature. It detects the key in your pocket or purse when it gets near the car and unlocks your car with a press of a button on your door handle. Of course, you can still use the unlock and lock buttons on your key from further away. There is also no need to put the key in the ignition. With one press of the “start/stop” button, your car engine turns on and off.

Infiniti Forward Emergency Braking detects cars in front of you. If you get too close to another car your Infiniti has a two-step warning system. The first stage presents video and audio alerts. If your car gets closer the acceleration will push back and activate braking to prevent a collision.

The Infiniti InTouch System connects you to Google, Facebook, your Calendar, and more without ever touching your phone. You can customize the touch screen display to show just what you need. The InTouch system can also get help if you have been in an accident or if your car has been stolen.

All Infiniti models also offer the Around View Monitor providing you with a 360-degree view of your surroundings making blind spots a thing of the past. The strategically placed cameras all around your car help you maneuver through tight spaces and parking spots. It also lets you know when something is approaching your car or is too close.

Direct Adaptive Steering gives drivers three options for steering. Infiniti’s precision steering gives drivers a smoother ride, isolating vibrations from the road and making driving over potholes much smoother.

Is Infiniti Reliable?

In 2016, the Infiniti Q70 was ranked in the top 5 most reliable cars and the most reliable Luxury/Mid Size car. Infiniti as a brand was ranked 8th most reliable car out of 29 car makers. The Q70 had no recalls since 2012. It also has a 4 year/60,000-mile warranty because the Infiniti brand has faith in their vehicles. The average Infiniti needs repairs about 0.7 times a year. Only 10% of Infiniti repairs are considered severe.

Does Infiniti Make Hybrid Cars?

Infiniti offers its iconic Q50 as a hybrid option. The Q50 Hybrid, with its 36 MPG, has more power and efficiency than other cars in its class. The Infiniti Hybrid runs on a combination of the gas engine, lithium-ion battery, and electric motor creating the best driving conditions and fuel efficiency. The Q50 Hybrid has 360 horsepower that gets it from 0-60 in less than 4.9 seconds.

Infiniti also offers the Q70 Hybrid, which has an equal 360 horsepower and achieves 34 MPG.

What Models Does Infiniti Make?

Infiniti makes beautiful affordable luxury coupes, sedans, and SUV. Infiniti current models include:

  • Infiniti Q50 (Q50 2.0t Pure, 2.0t Luxe, 3.0t Luxe, 3.0t Sport, Red Sport 400, Hybrid)
  • Infiniti Q60 (Q60 2.0t Pure, 2.0t Luxe, 3.0t Luxe, 3.0t Sport, Red Sport 400)
  • Infiniti QX50
  • Infiniti QX60
  • Infiniti QX80

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