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When you lease a car from eAutoLease we guarantee no hidden fees, extra costs, or unexpected surprises. With over a thousand car leases processed monthly, we can assure you get the best car lease deal. We offer exclusive access to demo vehicles, marked-down car leasing inventory, and limited discounts. Our brokers can find you the cheapest car to lease and deliver it right to your door. No money (zero) down car lease specials. Think different, leasing a car is simple with, just call us to uncover the latest lease deals and hidden offers.


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Call our car leasing company with the main location in Brooklyn for the latest zero-down, short/long-term cheap car lease programs. As an independent leasing broker, we have special arrangements with dealers and can get exceptional, often not published deals on new car leases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing a Car

How Does Leasing a Car Work?

Your car is old, it needs a new repair every month, and maintenance costs are high. It’s time for a new car. The first question you may have is “Do I buy or lease a car?” Both come with their own benefits.

Buying a car gives you the opportunity to make payments toward a vehicle that you eventually own. This car is yours and you can eventually sell it or trade it in. You are free to do as you please with a car you buy.

Leasing a car allows you to get a brand new car at an affordable price. You make payments for a predetermined lease period and return it at the end of your lease. After you return your leased car, you have the option to lease a car again that is brand new.

If you want a brand new car at a good price, want a new car in 3 years, and want the most affordable option… leasing a car is the way to go.

What Goes Into Leasing a Car?

Before you lease a car, there are some terms you need to understand. Leasing terms include:

  • MSRP: This is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. It’s the total cost of the car if you were to buy it outright brand new.
  • Sale price: This is the price you pay for leasing the car. The lower your sale price, the lower your monthly payments will be.
  • Money Factor: This is the interest amount you pay on your lease. It depends on your credit score but can be negotiated.
  • Residual Value: This is the cost of the car after your lease ends. You can buy your car at the end of your lease for this price. If you choose not to, the dealership buys it back at this price.

The key takeaway from these terms is that they are all negotiable. The MSRP is the price set by the manufacturer, but we do negotiate your lease terms for you.

What Are the Steps in Leasing a Car?

  • Step 1: Figure out your budget.
    Determine the amount you want to spend per month when leasing a car. Take into account the additional monthly cost of car insurance, gas, and interest rates. Figure out what car makes fall into this price range.
  • Step 2: Choose a make and model. To do this you need to think about what you want out of your car. Do you want a luxury car or one that you can pack your whole family into and their equipment in for long trips? Do you want automatic or manual transmission? Do you care about speed or reliability? Pick a car that has the features that are important to you and your life.
  • Step 3: Consider how many miles you drive.
    When leasing a car you can choose how many miles you need. Your price will reflect this number. Usually, you can choose 10,000 or 12,000 miles per year. If you go over your allotted number of miles per year you will be charged a fee per mile. The price per mile that you go over your lease agreement is around .15 to .30 cents. It is better to buy the miles you need than pay the fee when you go over.
  • Step 4: Browse through cars online.
    After you’ve determined your budget, which models you are interested in, and the number of miles you will need it’s time to browse. You can search our entire database of cars on our website and read more about each car. The entire leasing process can be completed online and your car will be delivered to you. If you have any questions about specific cars or lease deals you can call us at (718) 871-2277 and speak to one of our knowledgeable car leasing experts.
  • Step 5: Choose your lease terms.
    Remember when leasing a car, just like buying, you can negotiate the lease price and terms. Think about your monthly payments and interest. Does it work for your budget? Are you getting value for your money? You should also consider the amount of money you want to put down. Putting more money down decreases your monthly payment. But, do not put too much money down as you will not get this back if your car is totaled or stolen. At eAutoLease we offer competitive leasing prices. We are able to have the lowest prices on the market because we keep our overhead low. Our inventory is entirely online, saving us money on expensive lot rent and saving you money on your lease.
  • Step 6: Finalize your lease.
    After you’ve agreed on your lease terms it’s time to sign the papers and drive away in your brand new car. Just make sure you have insurance available. Another benefit of leasing is your new car is covered under warranty in the case that you need maintenance. After your lease is up and you stick with the same brand you’re likely to get the best deals on your next brand new car.

The key takeaway from these terms is that they are all negotiable. The MSRP is the price set by the manufacturer, but we do negotiate your lease terms for you.

What Are the Most Common Restrictions That Come with Leasing a Car?

The most common restrictions are mileage and duration of lease. Generally offer 2-3 years lease agreements, and the average mileage limit is 12,000 miles, accounting for 36,000 miles for 3 years. It is not possible to lease a car without a mileage limit.

How to Lease a Car Online?

Leasing a car has never been easier. Just find the right vehicle online, fill out the application form on our site, receive approval, and schedule home delivery entirely online!

We want to make leasing an automobile as simple as possible. That is why we have enhanced our website with technologies that give you complete control over the process and enable you to finish the entire process from the approval to leasing online. But have no fear – our specialists can assist you along the route if you have any questions.

Is It Possible to Lease a Car with a Bad Credit Score?

Yes, it is possible. A bad credit score does not automatically disqualify you from getting approved for a car lease offer.

Different brands offer incentives for people with bad credit scores including Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Kia. Unlike other car leasing brokers, eAutoLease is not going to stop searching for the perfect deal until we find the right car for you.

Do You Have “First Time Buyer” Programs?

It might be extremely difficult to lease a car from BMW if you are a first time buyer. However, eAutoLease works closely with the banks to facilitate the approval process.

Can I Extend My Leasing Contract?

Yes, you can. Although, you should keep in mind that not all makes offer this option. Even if an auto lease company provides you with this option, your lease agreement can be extended for a maximum of one year. Extension of a lease contract requires purchase of an extended warranty.

What Are the Tax Benefits of Leasing a Car for Your Business?

When you lease a car for your business, you can deduct the mileage and actual expenses such as monthly payments, interest, tax, upkeep and maintenance including inspections, oil changes, new brakes and tires. It is possible to deduct 100% of your business leasing cost if you are planning to use your lease vehicle solely for business purposes.

Can I Lease a Car with No Money Down?

Yes, but a lot of people get confused between “no money down” and “sign and drive” lease. No money down or $0 means that you are still responsible for paying taxes and initial fees. Sign and drive literally means not a dollar at signing. eAutoLease is fully transparent and we will explain the whole process as well as fees required at signing.

Is It Possible to Take Over Someone Else’s Car Lease Contract?

Yes, it is possible. Lease swaps are a great option for people who are not ready to commit to a 2 or 3-year lease agreement. It is not always possible to lease a vehicle for only one year without making use of lease swaps. Call eAutoLease to find out if a specific make offers 1-year lease deals.

Can I Buy a Vehicle at the End of a Lease Agreement?

Yes, you can. The final refinance amount depends on the residual value of the car. The residual value is the estimated value of the vehicle at the end of the lease period. For instance, if you lease a $50,000 vehicle and it is expected to depreciate 20 percent in the first year, its residual value at the end of a 1-year lease would be $40,000.

Is It Possible to Refinance a Leased Car?

Yes, you can do that at anytime during the lease term. Refinancing your car makes sense if you are driving more than you expected. For instance, if you have a 10,000 mile limit per year and you drive 15,000 miles yearly now, you should consider the option to refinance your vehicle. Here, at eAutoLease, we can take care of this process.

Can I Tint the Windows During a Car Lease Term?

SUV vehicles normally come with tinted windows already. Sedan cars do not have standard tinted windows. Each state has different laws and regulations about your windows being tinted. Even if you tint the windows yourself, you might need to remove it at the end of the lease term.

Is It Possible to Move out of State If I Have a Leased Car or Use It to Drive for Uber?

It is possible to move out of state when leasing a car, but you will have to change your insurance and registration. Here, at eAutoLease we can help with that process. When it comes to Uber, you will need to get an extended mileage program and not all makes will approve your lease for Uber.

Trust and Transparency of Our Business

eAutoLease is accredited by the New York Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau (BBB). Additionally, we are “2020 dealer of the year” by Dealer Rater. Our company is proud to be the most trusted and best rated auto leasing company by

eAutoLease is a 5 star rated car leasing company according to 69 directories including Google, Yelp and Facebook. Therefore, if you want to get to know more about us, take a look at the aforementioned websites.

Is It Better to Lease or Buy a Car?

It is not possible to give a definitive answer to whether it is better lease a car or buy a car. Everything depends on your personal situation. Leasing CAN be a better deal in some cases. However, if you are going to be driving more than 15,000 to 20,000 miles per year, it would be better to finance a car. If you are going to be driving less, it would be better to lease a vehicle.

A lot of people prefer car leasing in New York because they want to change their vehicle every 2-3 years. By leasing a car, you avoid headaches of extended warranties, services and any other issues that come with older cars. Thus, finding a good deal is essential. We do not rush our customers, as eAutoLease wants to find you the best possible deal and the right options.

Negotiating the Best Car Lease Deal

eAutoLease car lease specialists can break and customize packages to include options that you need and exclude the expensive options that are not necessary. Our company can negotiate your price in terms of in stock vehicle, color, additional packages and even higher mileage limit with a car manufacturer for you.

Imagine you want to lease a BMW 530i, black/black with a base price of $500 per month. We can locate the same make/model with slightly different color out of state for $480 per month. Since we work with many out of state dealers, eAutoLease can find the best lease deals if you are willing to compromise on options.

Trading in a Leased Vehicle

It is possible to trade in a leased car. However, not everyone will have the same situation and for some people it might not work. Consider the following example. Let’s assume you have a 3-year lease agreement and your vehicle is worth $20,000 after the second year. If you still owe $25,000, the difference of $5,000 will be your penalty for trading it in earlier.

However, there is something else to consider. Imagine your car is worth $20,00 after the second year of your lease and you owe $15,000. In this case, you can trade in your vehicle with no penalty and benefit from coming out of the lease contract earlier.

Extending a Car Lease Agreement

As was mentioned above, not all car makes offer the possibility to extend your leasing contract. Even if they do, the contract can be extended for a maximum of one year. The majority of new vehicles come with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. For example, Toyota and Lexus offer FREE maintenance programs. If you manage to extend your lease contract, you will have to consider an extended warranty.

All makes offer extra maintenance programs that will cover all your daily needs such as oil, tires, brakes, air filter, windshield wipers and so on. Call eAutoLease to get more information regarding extra maintenance programs that specific car makes offer.

Credit Score and Car Lease Approval Rates

The national car lease approval rates are around 70%. eAutoLease is proud to be in the 90% range. Our company works with multiple financial institutions on your side to find the lowest possible rate on a new car lease in NYC.

Car leasing is subject to credit approval. Thus, banks are required to assess your credit history and score. A credit score is a crucial factor in determining whether you get financing. Although, banks also consider your income, existing debt obligations as well as track your record for handling debt. According to the credit bureau “Experian”, the average credit score of customers starting a new lease was 725 in 2019. You can increase your credit score by making car lease payments earlier.

Finding the best New York lease deals near you

Many people ask “how do I easily lease a car near me?” eAutoLease helps you find the best lease deals near you. Our company has access to the newest discounts, often not published rebates and marked down car leasing NYC inventory. If you live in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, all you need to do is to call our knowledgeable auto lease representatives who will help you to find the best car lease deals.

eAutoLease will find the exact color and options you are looking for and deliver the car right to your front door. Our company will take care of the whole process from A to Z. If you have already selected a vehicle, you can apply for a car lease approval online and have your car delivered the same day.

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off While Leasing a Car in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania

The best way to avoid getting ripped off while leasing a car in New York is to work with the most reputable car leasing company such as eAutoLease. If you work with our company, there is no need to worry about scams or fraud. With thousands of satisfied customers, we are the most trusted auto leasing company around.

The most common fraudulent leasing car scams are price mismatch on the final documents, lying about the interest rate, factoring Add-Ons into the lease and increasing length of the lease. If you are a victim of Brooklyn car leasing fraud, we strongly encourage you to call us. eAutoLease will do everything possible to help you.

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