Best Backup Cameras For 2021

What to look for in a backup camera?

Auto-Vox backup camera

For starters, there are three main categories to consider: wired backup cameras, wireless backup cameras and smartphone backup cameras. Wired cameras are hooked to output screens with wires, which means the connection is stronger, but professional installation may be required.

Wireless cameras are easy to install since there are no wires or cables connecting the camera to the monitor (there may still be cables connecting them to power sources), but the connection may be spotty, especially in bad weather. If you have continued problems with your screen capturing images from the camera, you’ll need to talk to a professional (and potentially even switch to a wired camera). Don’t be discouraged, though — any kind of camera can likely be fixed. “Take it to [a service center] to figure out what’s wrong with it,” advises Zoriy Birenboym, CEO of Birenboym spent over 15 years in the auto industry as a salesman before founding the online auto leasing company. “It should be an easy fix if nothing is wrong with the wires.”

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