An Interview with Zoriy Birenboym, CEO of eAutoLease

How and why did you start eAutoLease?

I endeavored into with the intention of expanding my 14 year-old preexisting business. After such a long career in the industry I was determined to expand my demographic and establish a framework with a nationwide reach. It appeared evident to me that the most powerful tool at my disposal was the internet, and that this was the route I was going to take to realize my vision. Hence, I began doing research and engaging individuals with the technical expertise required to build the online platform. Ever since we began we have been continuously improving and redesigning our online presence, working hard to optimize and perfect what we began.

What are your offerings at eAutoLease?

We offer full service leasing, financing, and buying opportunities for new vehicles. In addition we also assist customers with trade –ins, early lease terminations, and lease returns.

Who do you help? In other words, who are your customers?

We help everyone looking to lease, buy, or finance a new vehicle. We also provide guidance to those seeking to exit their current lease/finance obligation prematurely.

Did you quit your job? If yes, how long after you started your business did you quit and what made you decide it was time to quit?

No, I have been running my own business since high school.

Did you get business funding? If yes, how hard was it and how much time did it take to acquire those funds?

My business is completely self-funded. I began working 14 years ago in my living room, and ever since then have been financing my expansions with proceeds from my enterprise. Thankfully, my business has been fruitful enough over the years to accommodate the massive expensive associated with our move online.

Where did you acquire your content marketing knowledge and expertise?

Expertise in my business forged from over a dozen years in the industry ,a powerful SEO and marketing team which advises and consults me every step of the way, and continues research into every thinkable initiative for betterment and expansion.

What are three key strategies or action plans you implemented to grow so much so fast?

  1. Uncompromising approach to customer service
  2. Extremely competitive pricing
  3. Strict synergy between all departments of my enterprise

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give our aspiring entrepreneur readers?

Always assume the possibility of error. What I mean by this is never expect to invest the bare minimum; always allow your-self enough room to cover potential mishaps. Additionally, if there is one thing you should devote the most effort into its picking your staff and partners.

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