5 Steps for Creating an Employee Development Plan

Having a solid employee development plan can help you retain great employees by showing them you’re invested in their success.

Employee development has always been important for growing companies, but it’s especially so at a time when many teams are working remotely. Employees perform best when they know they’re valued and see a future at the company, so they need to know you’re still invested in their success — even if you’re not working together in person.

“Employee development programs to support continuous learning are one of the top five most important things job seekers look for when weighing their next opportunity,” said Karen Oakey, director of human resources for Fracture. “Since more companies are working remotely than ever before, virtual learning opportunities are necessary to support the growth of the team.”

“Given the political unrest in the U.S. and the global health crisis, employees are at their most vulnerable right now,” added Mazen Aloul, CEO of WebQuest. “Companies should provide sufficient support to assure their work and productivity won’t be affected.”

Whether your business is investing in staff development for the first time or wants to revamp an existing strategy, here are some tips to help you create your employee development plan.

Know your business goals

When you start to create an employee development plan you need to look at your business and assess what you’re trying to achieve and how it can be accomplished through training.

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